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Premium Japanese Classes



Private lessons with the Simple Gaijin himself! Not only will you get his undivided attention, but you'll progress in your Japanese faster and efficiently!

If you have a certain textbook, book, or learning medium that you want to use, Simple Gaijin will use it during your lessons! 

Group Lessons are also available too!

Ex-JET Career Guidance

Ex-JET ALT or CIR? Or perhaps former Eikaiwa teacher? It can be scary making the transition from English Teacher or Coordinator of International Relations to the working world here in the United States. I went through it myself, but navigated it successfully. If could launch a small business and worked full-time as an interpreter/translator for the Japanese Auto Industry, your dreams and ambitions are not out of reach!

Japanese Translation

Need your manga translated? Or perhaps you have something interesting that you think is Japanese, and what it to be looked at? 

Whatever your needs are for translation, we always give our customer a complimentary quotation. Email us for more details on what we need from you!

Contact Information


Phone: 214-892-3207

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