Need a Freelance Japanese Teacher or Translator?

Please be aware that as of 7/8/2018...​

  • I am only really interested in Japanese Teacher positions. While I might consider a translation project from any one outside the Educational realm, I insist that any work that I do with companies be 1099 Contract work.

  • Second, I do not work for Japanese companies on a permanent basis. Only temporary and remote projects for translating work (NO INTERPRETING).

Desired Job Titles: Japanese Language & Culture Teacher/Instructor

                               Cultural Consultant

                               Japanese Translator (Freelance or Retainer. NO PERMANENT POSITIONS)

Desired Locations: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (Most desired location)

                               Houston, Texas (If Remote)

Salary: Needs to be Competitive. Over $30 an hour (if for contract work) OR if translating, rate of $0.08 per character

Benefits: Full Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance 


               15 - 21 Vacation Days (if in the business realm)

               Per Diem Pay (if in the business realm)

If interested, please email me at for most recent resume and translation portfolios.

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