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新冒険開始!A New Adventure Begins!

Good morning from Narita Airport y'all!

Well, my time in Japan has officially come to a close this time around. Now I am headed back to the US with my Engineering team to start work as a mechanical/electrical engineer. Although I am still very nervous about starting the job, that doesn't mean that I am not excited to start! In fact, I am sort of looking forward to traveling around the United States with my Japanese crew, showing them the ways of American business culture and how real Americans really act.

You know, this time around in Japan has to have been my favorite trip to Japan thus far in my life. The Chiban folks are just all around pleasant people to work with (unlike the backwards Hokkaido folks), the camaraderie made the office/factory more fun to work at, and I wasn't judged on my "gaijinness", but more on my ability to contribute to the team, which I already have in terms of teaching the engineering maintenance and service department how to deal with Americans. I personally feel that I have made a great choice selecting my current company, and I am looking forward to the future with them.

That said, it doesn't mean that I will be neglecting Simple Gaijin as well. Thank you to all the new students that have signed up with me, and thank you to all the trial students that expressed their interest as well. It's you guys that make teaching Japanese all the more rewarding for me, and you are all in for a fun time with me while I teach y'all the language that we all love! To all my naysayers out there...

You like that?

Well, off to Washington Dulles first! And a Happy Halloween to everyone! Hoping to see all my new and old students again soon after I land!

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