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Simple Gaijin's Statement on the North Korean Missile Over Hokkaido

On August 29th, 2017 at 5:57am Japanese Standard Time, the Kim Regime of North Korean shot a missile an intercontinental ballistic missile over Japan, and fell into the Pacific. This is the first time in nearly 8 years that the North shot a missile over the Japanese archipelago.

At Simple Gaijin, we believe in that every country has the right to live in safety and peace, including North Korea. However, whenever a country violates the safety and livelihood of other countries without just cause, that is inexcusable.

While we try to keep my own personal feelings out of Simple Gaijin and all business matters, the fact of the matter is that there was a possibility that the missile could have fallen onto the Hokkaido mainland, and as much as I really didn't like the treatment that I got from the people of Akkeshi and Hokkaido, many innocent people could have been killed or hurt.

Simple Gaijin fully supports the people of Hokkaido and the Japanese people in this time of uncertainty and fear in East Asia. It is our greatest hope at Simple Gaijin that all of East Asia finds peace, either through the Kim Regime's swift and utter destruction, a peaceful step down of power by the Kim Regime, or though negotiations by the international community and North Korea. Sadly, I fear as if the last option is already off the table and the Kim Family will not go quietly...

All we can hope for is that the Trump Administration, even though it is inundated with the situation in Houston at the moment, has the strength and the courage to stand up to this lunacy.

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