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I don't have time to make a long post as I got a 12 hour drive from Bardstown to Dallas, so I will give you the long and the short of it.


I have made the decision to leave my position as an interpreter / translator in Kentucky in order for me to pursue other options. In addition, the company I was at is in a financial tailspin, so I knew that the sooner I got back home to Dallas, the better off I will be.

Plus, I was getting kinda lonely without my family and friends near me, so it only seemed logical. Besides, having my salary max out at $55,000 in 10 years wouldn't be a life for me, so I will be pursuing a new line of work. Haven't decided what yet, but I got a few interviews lined up (all not using my Japanese) and still will be freelancing as a Japanese teacher / translator (no interpreting please).

See y'all back in Dallas!

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