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Just Engaged (婚約の届け)

Good Evening from Flower Mound my Gaijin Groupies and Haters,

This is to let y'all know that during my most recent trip to Japan over the past 10 days, I got engaged to a wonderful woman in Osaka. And boy, getting stuck in Narita Airport in a typhoon for close to 18-20 hours before my proposal made this all the more memorable.

Just Engaged

At this time, outside of my family and personal friends, I won't be going into the more personal details about my engagement (like when and where the wedding will be, and so on), but just know that one of the reasons why I have put off my "Dating in Japan" series was that I wanted to get more material and experiences with my beloved before I continued on writing.

That said,

彼女…いや、フィアンの為に、フィアンセの幸せの為に、将来の家族の為に、絶対に幸せにするのだ! (For my, Fiancee's sake, for her happiness, and my future family's sake, I will make them happy!)

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