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My Thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics Situation

Hello Gaijin Groupies! Now that I got the Wix Owner app, I have more time and easier access to write blog posts on the go (which, to me, is more easier than sitting at my computer).

As we are all aware, things are not looking good for the 2020 Olympics. It’s already been postponed once due to the Corona Virus, and now there are talks of the outright cancellation of the games.

As “hard” as it is for me to say this, I am for the cancellation of the games. The reason why is that public health and global safety are more important than athletes winning medals (and we all know that America would win the Tokyo Olympics anyway). Having had the Corona Virus myself around this time last year, it sucks. I’m lucky that I am healthy, and the virus did little to my body in the long-term (plus being blessed with Covid antibodies helped me too). I would not wish this on anybody. I’ve already lost a man that was like an uncle to me to this dastardly Illness, along with losing two of my coworkers at my day job.

At the same time, I also believe that they games should be cancelled because I don’t think Japan has done enough to prevent the spread of the virus. What baffles me is that Japan started so strong in the prevention of the virus, but has now been dealing with skyrocketing rates, and very slow to no growth of her citizen‘s being vaccinated. This is a recipe for disaster. Only around 6% of the Japanese people have gotten their first dose, and I assume those with a second dose is smaller, if not minuscule at best.

Finally, if the Japanese government is going to ban Gaijin spectators from attending the Olympics, then they are going to lose a lot more than just ratings numbers for the Olympics. The amount of lost profit that Japan desperately needs is going to be flushed down the crapper as well. As much as the Japanese do not want to admit this, they need Gaijin tourist dollars (er, Yen?). If foreign spectators are being told to “f off” by the Japanese government, what is stopping them from using that money to travel to another place, say South Korea or Taiwan?

All in all, I hope the games are held with Gaijin fans allowed to be in attendance. But in all seriousness, the odds of that happening are better than a Weeaboo marrying his waifI... nonexistent.

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