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Otsukimi Matsuri 2021 - Simple Gaijin's Public Debut!

Good Morning and Happy Halloween Gaijin Groupies! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


We have some exciting news here at Simple Gaijin! At the behest of some friends, family, students, and other fans of Simple Gaijin, I pleased to announce that Simple Gaijin Japanese Services will make it's official public debut at the Dallas Otsukimi (Moon Viewing) Festival on November 20th, 2021 from 6-9pm at the Simpson Plaza in the Frisco Town Square. The address is below.


8843 Coleman Blvd

Frisco, Texas 75034

While I cannot speak on what will be done at festival at this time with the other events, I can give you some ideas on may happen with the Simple Gaijin Booth.


The biggest thing that will be done at the booth will be FREE MINI CLASSES. That's right folks, FREE Japanese classes! Each lesson will be about 15 minutes per person, so come early to get in on the action. It doesn't matter if you are a rookie looking to Japanese for the first time, or if you are a seasoned veteran that perhaps needs a tune up with their skills. Everybody has the opportunity to get a mini lesson during the 6 - 9pm that I will be there.

In addition to Japanese lessons, we are also selling Japanese drinks, snacks, and other little knickknacks as well. In addition, we are also working on making a "Plinko" board for guests to win the opportunity to win more free Japanese classes (check back by November 19th to see if we are all go for this)


I am also blessed to have a few of my students willing to volunteer his time to help me with this booth as well. You can them any questions about learning Japanese or anything about their studies as well, and perhaps make a new senpai in the process if you are thinking of learning Japanese.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call or text me at 214-892-3207 or email me at Any questions texted will be responded to promptly, and any calls or emails will be returned within 24 hours!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Frisco, and let's hope the weather is clear the night of the 20th so we can enjoy the moon while learning some Japanese as well!

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