Simple Gaijin Radio Launch Update

Konnichiwa Gaijin Groupies!

My co-host, Eric, and I have hit an unexpected speed bump in our production of the show. Our big problem is finding the right audio equipment and recording app for remote podcasting.

So for the time being, until we can find something that works on both of our ends, I will be continuing Simple Gaijin Radio by myself. In addition, Eric will be working on his own show as well. Once I get the title of his show, I will let y'all know!

But for now, I have lined up some content that I will be going over by myself. Some of these topics include...

  • Romance in Japan (My most requested topic)

  • Doing Business with the Japanese

  • Traveling Within Japan

  • Cheap Vacations Within Japan

The launch date for Simple Gaijin Radio is still for July 5th, as planned!


Contact Information


Phone: 214-892-3207

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