Simple Gaijin Radio YouTube Launch Date: 07/05/2020

Good Evening from Dallas!

I have made the decision to launch Simple Gaijin Radio onto YouTube on July 5th, 2020! The reason for this is that July 5th will be the 5th year anniversary that I started operations in Asahi, Chiba! So for now, my co-host, Eric, and I will be continuing to create content and I will be reaching out to some people to see if I can get a new logo for Simple Gaijin Radio!

I will give you a sneak peak with some of the episodes that we have already done thus far.

Episode 1 - Looking For Love in the Inaka

In our first episode in nearly 4 years, Eric asks me about how I met my fiancee, Ayaka, and what was it like during our early courtship period. In this episode, our Gaijin Gentlemen listeners will learn what to do and what not to do when trying to meet a Japanese woman.

Episode 2 - Meeting the Parents

Eric asks Mike what it was like when he met Ayaka's parents and friends, and how some Japanese people that Mike knew from work nearly tried to ruin his relationship with Ayaka, just because Mike is an American. In addition, the Gaijin Gentlemen will learn the art of winning over Japanese Mama and Papa-san.

Episode 3 - The Great JLPT Debate

Deviating from Mike's romantic escapades, the two friends debate over the age old question about the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and if it is really the key to testing your Japanese skills. Mike and Eric also talk about two other tests, the ACTFL Japanese Exam and the Kanji Kentei (Kanken) Exam, as alternatives to JLPT.

Episode 4 - Japanese Headhunting Hell

Mike goes on-air about his harrowing experiences working with a Japanese recruiting company and how it nearly ruined his professional career, and briefly talks about his experiences at a "Black Company" (known as "Burakku Kigyou / ブラック企業") and how he managed to escapes. The listener will learn whether or not a job with a Japanese company is a good idea or not, or how to determine if a job at a Japanese company is actually what it is really supposed to be,

Other episodes have been recorded, but are not yet finalized. Once I finalize an episode, I will place them here.

Hope to see you guys on July 5th!


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