Terms & Conditions



Booking, Cancellation, Rescheduling, Payment, Attendance

  • In most cases, payments must be made in advance for all students residing outside the state of Texas and United States. However, at Simple Gaijin's discretion, payment rendered after service may be allowed. Residents of the state of Texas may pay either ahead of time or at the end of class.

  • Simple Gaijin accepts cash, check, Venmo (for American students) and Paypal (for international students only).

  • The payment date for all language classes (except for private lessons) is the first of the month. If the first of the month is an American federal holiday (ex. New Year's Day), payments must be paid the day before the holiday or by mutual agreement between Simple Gaijin and the student.

  • Tuition is non-refundable, however, if I am unable to make a lesson (either due to work or personal business), your lesson will be credited to your next payment. For example, if you pay for 4 lessons up front, but I cannot make one lesson for a work assignment, your class will be credited to next month's total lessons, meaning you only pay for 3 classes next time.

  • Students must notify me of their scheduling or cancellation with a 12-hour notice to be eligible to receive a make-up lesson. Failure to do so will forfeit their right to reschedule a lesson and loss of tuition for that class. However, family or work emergencies (medical, birth, or deaths) will be overlooked.

  • On the day of a lesson, if a student does not arrive within 15 minutes of their start time, their class will be cancelled. However, if they do show up for a lesson, they will only receive the amount of lesson time remaining. For example, if a student arrives 20 minutes after, they will only get 40 minutes of instruction. But if a student arrives 30 minutes after, no class will be rendered.

  • If a student continues to "No Call No Show" for two consecutive weeks without a good reason, Simple Gaijin reserves the right to terminate service without a refund, and will not accept lessons from the student for 6 months.


      Keep in mind that Simple Gaijin saves all emails, text messages, and phone messages for one calendar year to show that all attempts have been made to get a hold of the students.


      Students can be reinstated, but the following rules will apply.

      • Reinstated students must pay for all lessons upfront, even if they are paying for a private lesson.

      • If the student no call no shows one more time without a good reason, they will be permanently denied service and will not be allowed back.​

  • Make-up lessons need to be rescheduled within 4 weeks time, or by mutual agreement between Simple Gaijin and the student

  • At this time, Simple Gaijin Japanese Services does not allow for third parties to pay for services or classes. The student shall be the point of contact for all things in regards to payment, not other people. The only exception to this rule is if a student is under the age of 18 and their parents are paying for classes.

Student Progress

  • Simple Gaijin also does not guarantee that a student will become fluent immediately right away, or at all. Any Japanese tutor that guarantees results is lying through their teeth, because foreign language study and its results are all entirely based upon student output. The more a student puts into lessons, the more likely a student is to succeed and make progress. 

  • It is up to the student to make sure that they have ample time to prepare and review the content from the previous class. While Simple Gaijin does not mind repeating lessons if the student requests it, we encourage students to constantly review their previous lessons and build on it in order to get their Japanese up to speed more quicker.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

  • When a student pays for services, it is implied that they accept the terms and conditions of Simple Gaijin Japanese Services.