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Student Review: Roberto Rojas - United States Navy

The original (New) Simple Gaijin student, Roberto came to me when his previous Japanese teacher was suddenly unable to continue teaching him. I still remember the first night I taught Japanese to him at the Panera Bread on Belt Line Road in Irving, Texas. Now, he is serving our country in the US Navy (though going through Basic Training right now). Before he left, he left me a review of his experience at Simple Gaijin.


Ever since meeting Mike, my Japanese knowledge skyrocketed in volume. That was because of the way Mike taught me in his class. He steadily adjusted to my pace, especially when I had a hard time remembering or understanding certain grammar points and concepts. He even helped me find various contemporary mediums, apart from anime or games, which have helped me improve both my listening skills and speech. Overall I really enjoy Mike- sensei’s classes because they’re amusing, fun, clear, and concise. If I could, I would rate his classes a 10/10.


Bless you Roberto! I hope you are safe in training, and the Gaijin Groupies and I await your return to Texas to visit! I'll see you online for class when you get back!

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