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Welcome to Simple Gaijin Japanese Language Services! I am Mike Viscusi, owner and head Japanese teacher. 


Are you looking to improve your Japanese language skills? You've come to the right place. As a non-native Japanese speaker myself, I understand the challenges and rewards of learning this beautiful language.


When I first started learning Japanese in January 2007, it wasn't exactly an easy start for me. Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls that I had was the lack of a mentor that experienced the same problems that I had when I first started learning Japanese. Had I had another Gaijin (a non-Japanese foreigner) that helped showed me the ropes for learning Japanese, the Japanese that I learned would have stuck a lot quicker and easier.


​So how is Simple Gaijin different from all the other native Japanese teachers?

-  Learning Japanese from a Gaijin (a fellow American) that has stumbled through the pitfalls and traps of learning Japanese, something that all Native Japanese teachers never do since they live in the language.

Using a curriculum that is developed for college-level students, and then making it even simpler without the repetitive hassle that most colleges and schools use to teach Japanese.

- Using more media to supplement our lessons. I not only use anime, manga, and video game excerpts, but also movies, music, and cultural movies from the past as well. Getting to watch your Japanese in action as you learn it will help you make it stick more than reading it in a textbook and a workbook.

I do not coddle our students like most native Japanese teachers do. If you make a mistake, I will tell you point blank. You are paying us good money to learn Japanese, and it is our job to make sure you get your money's worth, if not more.

Want to Learn Japanese or Want More Info? Message Us Here!

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