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Reviews from the "Gaijin Groupies"

"When I was first starting out in Japanese, I struggled like nobody else. Then when Mike became my tutor, he cleared everything up for me. Were it not for Mike, I would not be as far as I am today with Japanese and might have given up long ago" - Robert M. (Former Student - 2011 - 2013) Former Teacher with Altia Central - Okayama Prefecture)

"While I was studying to take the N4, I would ask Mike for study tips in order to prepare for the test. He was able to recommend me a few books and I passed the test. I'm currently studying for the N3!" - DeAndre H. (Former Teacher with IB Japan - Chiba Prefecture)

"Mike was an incredible help during my application process into the JET Program. As a former JET participant himself, he was able to offer me first-hand advice on the ins and outs of the program. He also has extensive knowledge about all things Japan and Japanese culture. I know that I can count on him to answer any questions that I have about Japan or the Japanese language. All around great guy!" -  Mark Leon G. (Former Client - 2013 - 2014 - Former Jet Program Participant - Okinawa)


"I started taking classes with Simple Gaijin in May of 2021. In that summer, we were able to cover an entire year of college level Japanese. Using what I learned in his class, I was able to successfully test into the Intermediate Japanese at my university. Mike is an excellent teacher who will specialize your classes to your individual learning style, and if you’re willing to put in the effort you will see massive improvements in your Japanese. I can’t recommend him enough" - Mike F. ( Previous Student (2021 - 2024) Southern Methodist University - Junior - Japanese Minor)


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