Who is Simple Gaijin?

Mike Viscusi


Howdy y'all!

Raised in the great state of Texas, since a young age, I dreamed of seeing the world. Thanks to my Grandmother's encouragement and suggestion, I chose Japan to be my launch pad to seeing the world.

It turned out that I wouldn't travel the world, but got to see a lot of Japan that not many Gaijin see. And I never regretted making that decision, as I met countless interesting people, duked it out with a few jerks verbally and physically in the karate ring, and fell in love / got engaged to the most awesome woman over there.

But before I left Japan, I was feeling unfulfilled as an English Teacher.

Before I became Simple Gaijin, I too struggled in learning Japanese. I could have possibly blamed it on my teachers or the Japanese language in general. But it turns out that neither were the problem.

It was HOW Japanese was being taught to Gaijin that was the problem.


And that... is why I am teaching Japanese. 

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