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Simple Gaijin Radio: Now is... Not the Time

Hey Gaijin Groupies,

Simple Gaijin Radio (or at least this version of it) will have to be scrapped for the time being. With me being in a supervisory role in my career (including having me dealing with our Japanese branch in Osaka as their point of contact), going through Business school (currently taking a half-load of classes, which, by the way, no Japanese company will ever do for an American employee), and juggling Simple Gaijin duties, it would be very difficult for me to make a consistent radio or Youtube channel with interesting content.

I'm sorry that I am unable to come out with better news, but my duty is to my company (a Fortune 500 company that has been designated a "critical company" by President Trump as essential to the US and Global economy), my men and women under me at work and being able to support them when they need it most, and my students progress in their Japanese studies first. But most importantly, I gotta get Mrs. Gaijin over here from Japan to Texas (we got the rest of our lives to live, AND AIN'T NO C-19 IS GONNA STOP ME FROM GETTING HER HERE (Even if I was infected with it myself. I had it in June-July, was asymptomatic, and recovered fairly quickly).

That said though, I am still around doing what I do best... blogging and ticking off my haters through written media, while winning over the hearts of many new fans around the world and Japan.

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